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因此,一些问题是在所难免的。毕竟,可堪称经典的一集《The Office》所讲述的神秘圣诞老人礼物交换便在一定程度上源于当今的现实。



1. 普克珠贝壳项链

2. 土豆

3. 旧罐子装的变味糖果

4. 梅森罐盖子

5. 挂墙塑料有绳电话

6. 加油站红酒

7. 护足霜

8. 橡胶鸭子

9. 彩票

10. 蹲便器

11. 洗发水

12. “瓶封屁”

13. 跨接电缆

14. 发声坐垫

15. 香蕉

16. 笤帚

17. 解雇通知

18. 火鸡/火腿

19. 一把剪刀

20. 电影《魔力麦克》拷贝

21. 复合维生素

22. 《圣经》

23. 书签

24. 袜子

25. 压力球


1. 3D打印机

2. 四人桑拿

3. “Kegerator”(啤酒酿造设备)

4. 设计师品牌背包(提到的品牌包括古驰和Tumi)

5. 水下滑板车

6. 双人加勒比海邮轮之旅

7. 乘坐直升机滑雪

8. 试驾法拉利

9. 可充气的热水浴缸

10. 地中海俱乐部鹬湾之旅

11. 神秘之旅

12. 泰国美食体验和度假

13. 阿拉斯加Gold Rush冒险邮轮之旅

14. 肯尼亚狩猎和野生动物之旅

15. “环法自行车赛”美食和红酒之旅






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The holidays are stressful, driven especially by that need to get the right gift for everyone on your list. (We can help with that.)

What can be even more challenging is getting a gift for someone in a professional setting, whether it be a co-worker with whom you’re close (versus someone you interact with once in awhile) or if it’s a situation where it’s questionable to even bestow a gift upon a colleague or client.

Thus, some problems are bound to arise. After all, the Secret Santa exchange depicted in this classic episode of The Office is somewhat rooted in reality.

In case you’re looking for what NOT to give, Snappy, an employee rewards program, has tallied the worst and most outrageous (not to mention, extravagant) gifts that employees say they have received from their co-workers. Some of these items almost seem understandable in how they ended up in the hands of the recipient. (Gas station wine was clearly a last minute option on the way over…right?) And then others, well, are truly inspired, or rather, uninspired presents.

25 Worst Corporate Gifts Employees Say They Have Actually Received

1. Puka shell necklace

2. Potato

3. Stale candy in a used mug

4. Mason jar lid

5. A plastic, landline wall phone

6. Gas station wine

7. Foot lotion

8. Rubber duck

9. Lottery tickets

10. Squatty Potty

11. Shampoo

12. “Fart in a glass”

13. Jumper cables

14. Whoopee cushion

15. Bananas

16. Broom

17. Pink slip

18. Turkey/Ham

19. Pair of scissors

20. A copy of Magic Mike

21. Multivitamins

22. Bible

23. Bookmark

24. Socks

25. Stress ball

Top 15 Outrageous Gifts From Employers

1. 3D Printer

2. Four-person Sauna

3. “Kegerator“

4. Designer backpacks (Gucci and Tumi were among the cited brands)

5. Underwater scooter

6. Caribbean cruise for two

7. Helicopter skiing

8. Race a Ferrari

9. Inflatable hot tub

10. Club Med Sandpiper Bay getaway

11. Mystery travel tour

12. Thailand culinary experience and vacation

13. Alaska Gold Rush adventure cruise tour

14. Kenya Safari and wildlife tours

15. A “Tour de France” gourmet food and Wine tour

Gifts always have the chance to make lasting impressions—and these certainly have. Snappy found that nearly half of employees (44%) feel that their value at their workplaces is reflected in the gifts received. Furthermore, well more than half (68%) of employees said they would rather choose their own gift than have their employer choose for them.

Then again, maybe a gift isn’t necessary (or even appropriate). Four out of five workers (81%) said that a personalized note of recognition from a supervisor actually strengthened their commitment to a company. However, 60% of employees admitted they never sent a thank you note for a corporate gift.

Snappy’s findings are based on data provided by SurveyMonkey. Conducted in November 2018, 1,019 respondents participated in this survey, representative of men and women ages 18 and older in the United States.