EXAMPLE: My splenetic old uncles seem to enjoy their endless arguments.
我的脾气很坏的老叔似乎喜欢无休止的争论。  2017-10-19
EXAMPLE: The symphonies of Haydn and Beethoven often have grand, propulsive final movements that arouse a great sense of energy.
海顿和贝多芬的交响乐通常有宏大的、动力十足的尾章,极其鼓舞人心。  2017-10-18
EXAMPLE: A wall of clouds moved inland from the sea to obumbrate the late afternoon sky.
云雾由海上飘至内陆,让午后的天空变得昏暗。  2017-10-17
EXAMPLE: Breaking through the winter night's dark clouds, the moon's silver glow ensorcelled the misty mountain vale.月亮的银光穿过冬夜里的乌云,让这座多雾的山谷令人着迷。  2017-10-16

EXAMPLE: Because she's so quiet, some people think my sister is a dullard, but in reality she's smart and fun but very shy.我妹妹特别安静,一些人以为她笨,其实她很聪明有趣,只是非常害羞。


AMPLE: Our ship arrives in the port at 7a.m., but passengers will not be permitted to disembark until 8 o'clock.我们的船上午7点到港,但乘客直到8点才获准下船。


EXAMPLE: My chatty aunt bores me with her endless gossip about people I don't know.我的健谈姑妈没完没了地讲我不知道的一些人的绯闻,让我感到厌烦。

EXAMPLE: One brave young woman was the only employee willing to inculpate the company's dishonest and vindictive owner.一位勇敢的年轻女性是唯一想让这家公司狡诈和好报复的老板获罪的员工。  2017-09-29
EXAMPLE: By pushing it too vigorously, my ham-fisted brother-in-law broke the window he was trying to open.我的笨手笨脚的妹夫在开窗时推得太猛,把窗户打碎了。  2017-09-28
EXAMPLE: At the party my friend across the room tried to say something to me, but I was out of earshot, and could not understand him.在聚会上,我朋友想在房间的一边对我说话,但我在可听距离之外,无法了解他说什么。  2017-09-27
EXAMPLE: Despite the success of our original line of products, we started to consider diversification in order to insure our company's long-term future.尽管最早的产品系列获得了成功,但我们已经开始考虑多元化,确保公司的长期
发展。  2017-09-26

EXAMPLE: Immediately after eating the strange food I suddenly felt quite bilious, and thought I might vomit.在吃完这顿奇怪食物后,我马上感到肠胃不适,想吐。EXAMPLE: The bilious old man never spoke with neighbors in his apartment building except to complain about their noisy children.这位坏脾气的老头从来不跟公寓楼里的邻居讲话,除了抱怨他们的孩子太闹。

EXAMPLE: Our company suffers from a paucity of new ideas.
新创意的缺乏让我们公司深受影响。  2017-09-08

EXAMPLE: The lopsided pile of packages on the bicycle caused the rider to fall over to the heavier side.这辆自行车上的行李堆出现倾斜,导致骑车人倒向较重的那一侧。


EXAMPLE: Hopeful of finding a boyfriend or possibly a husband, my unmarried sister likes to go to parties where she can look flossy and fun.我的单身妹妹总是以迷人和快乐的样子参加聚会,她希望找到男友,或许能找到老公。


1.EXAMPLE: Wealthy executives often buy expensive suits from a bespoke tailor whose clothes fit each of his clients perfectly.有钱高管通常从一位定制裁缝那里购买昂贵的西服,这位裁缝给客户做的每件衣服都极为合身。2.EXAMPLE: The stately row of trees and marble statues along the road to the old house bespoke great wealth.通向这座老宅的道路两边的参天大树和大理石雕像表明这是巨富之家。


1.EXAMPLE: The sick child's febrile convulsions were caused by an acute infection.这位生病孩子的热惊厥是因急性感染导致的。2.EXAMPLE: The humorous, popular novelist who writes a couple of new books every year has a febrile imagination.这位幽默的畅销小说作家有着狂热的想象力,他每年都写两本新书。

1.EXAMPLE: During the winter my wealthy but penurious grandfather refuses to turn on the heat in his house until he sees frost on the windows.我的祖父有钱却抠门,冬天直到窗子上结了霜,才决定开暖气。
2.EXAMPLE: The penurious villagers could not afford to travel to the closest town for their medical needs, so a team of doctors visited them occasionally.这些赤贫的村民没有钱到最近的城镇看病,所以医疗队经常去给他们看病。  2017-08-18
1.EXAMPLE: Brandy has a flashpoint of only 27 degrees centigrade, so in cooking, its vapors will easily burn when ignited by a chef.白兰地的起燃点只有27摄氏度,厨师在烹饪时很容易点燃其蒸气。
2.EXAMPLE: There are a number of flashpoints along the border between the two unfriendly nations where many unpleasant incidents have occurred.
在这两个不友好国家之间的边界有很多危险地区,可能发生很多不愉快的事件。  2017-08-17
EXAMPLE: Our newest product is the clever brainchild of our company's founder, a brilliant inventor.我们的最新产品来自于公司的创始人—一位聪明的投资人—的巧妙创意。  2017-08-16

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