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JP Mangalindan 2013年01月09日


    中兴、华为加入大屏智能平板手机大战 路透社

    中兴公司(ZTE)近日刚刚发布了由意大利设计师斯蒂凡诺·乔凡诺尼操刀设计的Nubia平板手机,现在又计划推出一款名叫Grand S的5英寸大屏手机,与此同时,华为(Huawei)也推出了一款名叫Ascend Mate的大屏手机,屏幕尺寸达到了惊人的6.1英寸,只比亚马逊(Amazon)的Kindle Fire平板电脑小了一点。

    英国ABI Research公司的高级分析师约书亚·弗拉德称:“用户们已经意识到,一台屏幕达5英寸的智能手机并不是笨拙不便的设备。”




    越来越多的市场咨询师都对社交媒体推崇备至,称它是未来绝对不可忽视的一股力量。他们认为,如果Facebook、Twitter、Tumblr 或 Google+等社交网站上的好友能为一款商品做活广告,那么就一定会起到很好的广告效应。这是一种新的口碑效应,而口碑效应一向是营销学的黄金法则。而且这些社交网站吸收的海量数据也向广告商们描述了一幅“精确定位”的美好愿景——广告是如此及时,与用户的生活息息相关,因此人们一定会欢迎它们。人们对这场革命的热情令整个市场对社交网络陷入了一种狂热——同时也把他们推向了失败的边缘。

    联想为Windows 8升级产品线、笔记本及一体机带多点触控功能 科技博客网站

    联想(Lenovo)近日发布了两款新的一体机。其中联想C540是一款入门级的一体机,配备了一块23英寸的1080p显示屏、酷睿(Core) i3处理器、8GB的RAM、英伟达精视(Nvidia GeForce)615显卡。联想IdeaCentre730一体机更加令人印象深刻,它是去年发布的联想IdeaCentre A720的升级版,被定位为苹果的iMac竞争对手。 IdeaCentre 730的厚度只有1英寸。它配备了一块2560 x 1440的多点触控显示屏、酷睿i7处理器、2GB的英伟达精视GT 745M显卡、8GB的RAM、1TB混合型硬盘。

    Handset makers scurry to join the Year of the Phablet [REUTERS]

    ZTE, which collaborated with Italy's designer Stefano Giovannoni for the Nubia phablet, is scheduled to launch its 5-inch Grand S, while Huawei brings out the Ascend Mate, sporting a whopping 6.1-inch screen, making it only slightly smaller than Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet.

    "Users have realized that a nearly 5-inch screen smartphone isn't such a cumbersome device," said Joshua Flood, senior analyst at ABI Research in Britain.

    Why does everyone think Google beat the FTC? [THE NEW REPUBLIC]

    The law-enforcing agencies of the federal government are powerful, and unlike a football team, aren't supposed to try to win at any cost; they are supposed to do what is right for the country. The Commission was right to investigate Google, right to stop the practices it did, and also right to settle the case instead of beating the firm into submission. In the end, as corporate defendants go, Google was pretty clean. What saved the company weren't the millions Google wasted lobbying Senators or paying Republicans to be its friends. It was its engineers, who designed its services in a way that maximized effectiveness while avoiding rampant illegality.

    Can social media sell soap? [THE NEW YORK TIMES]

    Growing legions of marketing consultants are pushing social media as the can't-miss future. They argue that pitches are more likely to hit home if they come from friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Google+. That's the new word of mouth, long the gold standard in marketing. And the rivers of data that pour into these networks fuel the vision of precision targeting, in which ads are so timely and relevant that you welcome them. The hopes for such a revolution have fueled a market frenzy around social networks — and have also primed them for a fall.

    Lenovo updates its laptops and all-in-ones with multitouch for Windows 8 [THE VERGE]

    Rounding up the new line-up are a pair of all-in-ones. The Lenovo C540 is an entry-level all-in-one with a 23-inch multitouch 1080p display, Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and Nvidia GeForce 615 graphics. The IdeaCentre A730, however, is a little more impressive. Positioned to take Apple's iMac head-on, the update to last year's IdeaCentre A720 is just an inch thick. It's configurable with a 2560 x 1440 multitouch display, Core i7 processor, 2GB Nvidia GeForce GT 745M graphics card, 8GB of RAM, and a 1TB hybrid drive.